Parent involvement is the responsibility of all St. Mary families. Our Share Program is part of the Parent Club and exists to encourage and track the contribution and “share” of giving by each Preschool-8th grade school family. Families may choose to give time, when lower out of pocket expense is helpful, OR give an up-front donation when expenses are secondary to available time. All Share Donations will be applied directly to the Parent Club school budget contribution. Donations may be tax deductible, check with your tax advisor.

The St. Mary School operating budget relies on a $100,000 annual contribution, or $750 per family, from the efforts of our Parent Club each year. We appreciate family time and know it is valuable! Therefore, the most any family is required to “Share” is 30 hours, regardless of the number of students you have enrolled at St. Mary.  Of course we appreciate those who are able and willing to go above and beyond, too!.

All families must participate in the Share Program as follows:

* Share program sign up sheets must be completed and returned by each family during their first week of school.

* Each two-parent family must contribute a minimum of 30 share hours per year (each single parent family must provide 15 share hours per year) in any combination of time, money, and/or comparatively valued goods. Time required for families registering mid-year will be pro-rated based on the number of months attending.  Families with only half-day preschool students are required to complete 15 hours.

* Completed Share time and/or donated goods must be recorded on-line using the Share Hour Form. Contact with questions. A report will be provided to you based on what is entered via your form and SignUpGenius 2 times per year so that you are able to monitor what share hours you have left to complete.

* Church related service hours are not counted as school share hours.

* Any family may “buy out” their Share hours by donating $750 per family made payable to the St. Mary Parent Club. A full buy out donation will exempt participating families from any further fund raising requirements for the school year.

* In the event that your family participation does not reach the required level of donated hours or goods, by the end of the school year, your family will receive an invoice for the value of your volunteer time not completed at the rate of $25 per hour. Open invoices must have arrangements made for either hours or payment prior to the end of school year. Families with open share hour invoices at the start of the following school year will be required to buy out their hours for the new school year as well as pay off their hours from the prior year.

What constitutes a Share Program Hour toward Campus Support?

* Volunteering in the classroom or assisting a teacher with work at home

* Chaperoning on field trips or outdoor school

* School beautification (painting, weeding, etc.)

* Donation of cash or goods to St. Mary, value $25 = 1 hour

* Catalog/Butter Braid Fundraisers for 8th Grade Outdoor School

* Attending parent club monthly meetings

What constitutes a Share Program Hour toward Fundraising?

* Time spent planning and volunteering for Parent Club Fundraising events

* Time spent selling and/or filling our order forms for $CRIP, raffle tickets, etc.

* If you are uncertain whether a particular activity qualifies, please ask a Parent Club board member or Share Hour Committee Chair.

Share Program Guidelines

* Share hours may not be carried over from one school year to the next.

* Services and contributions in the summer months will be credited toward the upcoming school year requirements unless other arrangements have been approved by the Share Hour Committee Chair.

* Share Program contribution reports will be reviewed in November, March and May, and reports sent home, to show your family’s status.

Parent Club Events:

Fundraisers: 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament; Green Sale; Evening at the Auction; 3K/5K Fun Run; $crip; Plum Print; Electronic Payments of Oregon; Labels for Education; Box Tops.

Community Building Events: Topics and dates vary from year to year. Non-fundraising fun events (e.g., The Fall Festival where students came in their Halloween costumes to paint pumpkins, make caramel apples and play games).

Staff Conference Dinners (2 nights in the Fall, 2 nights in the Spring): Parent Club provides dinners for staff during Parent/Teacher conferences when teachers work long hours and do not have time to go home and eat.

Staff Appreciation Week (mid-May): We show our appreciation for St. Mary staff during “staff appreciation week”.

Feel free to contact the St. Mary Parent Club President if you have any questions